Back to the Garden published online

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Back to the Garden published online

Back to the Garden featured in Esquire Russia and the Huffington Post (Italy)

June20th to August 3, 2013

Back to the Garden, Steve’s fourth solo exhibition at the James Harris Gallery, opens June 20th.  Davis has returned to portraiture after five years of focusing on the landscape of the West. In previous work, Davis’ investigated and often times critiqued the way contemporary culture deals with people who reside at the margins, the so-called underbelly of our social classes; his series “Captured Youth” documented the incarceration of teenage youth and “The Rainier School” poignantly gave a visual record of Washington State Institution for the mentally ill.   Now in this new series titled “Back to the Garden,” Davis photographed and documented self-described modern “hippies,” people adhering to a transformed vision of peace and love, who stand for freedom of expression often opposite of the cultural norms.

Brian Miller VoicePlaces/Seattle Weekly